IVF is the process that involves stimulation of follicle(s) development with the help of medication, retrieving the eggs under sonography guidance, culturing eggs and sperms together under strictly controlled conditions and transferring fertilized eggs in the uterus of the woman. 


IUI is the process where washed, concentrated highly motile sperms are placed directly in the woman’s uterus with the help of a narrow catheter. This is a simple outpatient procedure with minimal complications. The process is timed according to availability of egg.


LAH is an advanced AR procedure where a small opening is created on the outer shell of the embryo, called zona pellucida, with Laser pulses, prior to returning it to the womb. It helps the embryo in breaking out of this shell (‘hatching’) to achieve pregnancy.


Absence of sperm in the semen is much commoner than previously thought. The reason for this could be either failure to produce any sperm in the testis or failure to release sperm into semen due to blockage of connecting ducts. In the latter case, sperm can be retrieved.

About Dr. Rita Modi

(MBBS, MD (Obs&Gyn), DNB (Obs&Gyn), MNAMS, FICMCH, FNB (Reproductive Medicine))

Dr. Rita Modi is a Consultant Fertility Specialist and Reproductive Endocrinologist practicing in Mumbai and Thane. She specializes in treating infertility over entire spectrum of possible interventions (Assisted Reproductive Technologies), marrying high end modern techniques with proven conventional understanding, counseling and academic knowledge. Dr. Modi has a vast experience in conceiving and implementing best practices in her field, including best laboratory practices that improve probability of success.

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